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37 Workforce development INL supported seven technical school degreecertification programs. The lab also helped dozens of Idaho high school students earn technical certificates or college credits by awarding 28 dual credit grants to help students pay the extra fees charged for dual credit courses. INL awarded 10000 each to Idaho State Universitys Energy Systems Technology and Education Center ESTEC and Eastern Idaho Technical College. The money funds scholarships for students in science technology engineering and math-related fields. Two new programs were added at ESTEC which INL helped establish. INL and industry input helped launch the new renewable energy technician program and nuclear operations technology program. DOEs Nuclear Energy University Programs funds nuclear energy research and equipment upgrades at U.S. colleges and universities. It also provides scholarships and fellowships to students studying nuclear science or engineering. STEM education support INL awarded 22 mini-grants up to 2000 to help teachers across Idaho improve STEM education through classroom equipment materials and professional development. The lab also provided two 10000 classroom- makeover grants and 24 informal STEM grants worth between 2000 and 4000 to help pay for field trips classroom supplies science camps and other needs. INL also sponsored more than 28 community-based STEM events in FY 2011. i-STEM INL is a founding partner and primary sponsor of the Idaho STEM Initiative i-STEM a partnership of educators government agencies and businesses working to improve STEM education. This year approximately 400 Idaho educators attended i-STEM institutes held in three separate parts of the state. INL and partner schools received a 645000 grant through the Idaho Department of Education to help cover the cost of these institutes for three years and to study their effectiveness. Nuclear Energy University Programs INL continued to administer DOEs Office of Nuclear Energy University Programs NEUP through the Center for Advanced Energy Studies. NEUP RD contract awards announced this year included 51 recipients from 31 U.S. universities in 21 states. Partner institutions include 10 national laboratories 15 industry partners and seven others including foreign institutions. Ten minority-serving institutions were involved.