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INL assisted various discussions with emerging nations seeking expertise in the safe use of nuclear energy. Mongolia left India and Chile were among nations exploring safe nuclear energy training and education requirements. International Entities INL continues to provide leadership to the Generation IV International Forum for development of advanced reactors carries out research collaborations with major nuclear countries such as France Japan and South Korea and supports DOE in broad international nuclear energy engagement. Last year INL worked with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to discuss opportunities associated with hybrid energy systems. INL experts also provided coordination and technical oversight for the transport of three shipments in support of the National Nuclear Security Administrations Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return Program. U.S. defense agencies The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA signed a work-for-others agreement for the Deployable Reactor Program. DARPA is considering development of a small- scale nuclear reactor prototype for the on-site generation of electrical power in support of military operations in theatre. INL also supports a research fellowship program for the U.S. Air Force Research Institute. In 2011 two participants were selected to embark on research projects within INLs cybersecurity research and development department. Private industry INL works with private industry to help research develop demon strate and deploy sustainable new energy resources and systems. For example INL is working with Molycorp to improve recovery and processing of rare earth metals which are crucial for hybrid cars wind turbines and other green technologies. Cybersecurity analyses and training conducted by the Department of Homeland Security for private industry also were extensive in 2011 more on page 30. 15