5 Dozens of people visited INL in September for a demonstration of the Global Real-Time Super Lab research tool. Integrating cybersecurity assets The Cybercore Integration Center is an INL strategic initiative focused on scalable and sustainable control system cybersecurity solutions that protect the U.S. grid, other critical infrastructure and military systems. The center will create and align national science and engineering resources, technical expertise, and collaborative partnerships to emphasize a holistic R&D strategy for control system cybersecurity innovation. Its solutions aim to protect energy infrastructure through deploying advanced technologies, implementing enhanced engineering and operational processes, and developing a highly skilled workforce. Grid stability through global power sharing INL led a team of researchers from around the world to demonstrate an eight-lab grid simulator system. The Global Real-Time Super Lab allows researchers to study how electricity can be rerouted across vast distances to address disruptions. The ability to move electricity around the globe, rather than only within isolated regional networks, could lead to vast savings on infrastructure and energy consumption. The effort builds on work done between INL and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and included researchers from Sandia National Laboratories and five universities (two of which are from Europe). Idaho has “…a long standing leadership role to establish cybersecurity best practices and innovative technologies for government and industry partners…” —Congressman Raul Labrador remarks for the March 17, 2017, Congressional Record