Recognizing Expertise Andy Bochman won EnergySec’s Cybersecurity Leader of the Year 2017. He also spoke on a panel of experts before U.S. Senate members on the cybersecurity of energy delivery systems. Scott Thompson earned a Joule Award from DOE for work that boosts International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confidence in nondestructive assay measurements of certain containers. Craig Rieger co-authored a paper about Intelligent Buildings of the Future that earned Industrial Electronics Magazine’s Best Paper Award for 2017. 23 Verifying international treaty cooperation INL and Advanced Measurement Technology Inc. entered into a licensing agreement for On-Site Inspection Radio Isotopic Spectroscopy (OSIRIS). The gamma-ray spectrometer is designed to detect specific radionuclides whose presence is certain evidence of nuclear explosions, in support of the provisions of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test- Ban Treaty (CTBT). A celebration in Washington, D.C., recognizing 60 years of the treaty’s success highlighted OSIRIS for its capability to verify international cooperation with the CTBT. Hundreds of attendees included the energy secretary, NNSA principal deputy administrator, several U.S. senators, CTBT representatives and several DOE laboratory directors. Improving nuclear forensics INL radiochemists and nuclear forensic researchers successfully demonstrated chemical synthesis methods leading to the discovery of new compounds of neptunium. This research, funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, provides a unique capability to help the international nuclear forensics community deploy effective on-site measurement equipment and validate laboratory forensic analyses. In collaboration with Washington State University, the structure and purity of several neptunium β-diketone compounds were validated.