27 Electroplate: Team Members: Prabhat Tripathy (principal investigator), Jordan Argyle (entrepreneurial lead) and Steve Herring (industry mentor). This team developed an electroplating process that enables formation of a multilayered surface coating that is thick, uniformly pore-free and saves energy by operating at much lower temperatures than traditional plating methods. AMAFT: Team Members: Isabella van Rooyen (principal investigator), George Griffith (entrepreneurial lead) and Ed Lahoda (industry mentor). This additive manufacturing technology provides a direct route to fabricating dense uranium silicide using a novel hybrid laser- engineered net shaping process. EMRLD: Team Members: Steven Prescott (principal investigator), Ram Sampath (entrepreneurial lead) and Rob Sewell (industry mentorhav). EMRLD is a probabilistic risk assessment modeling and simulation tool that is ideal for dynamic time-dependent models and also makes coupling possible with other time-dependent, physics-based simulation models. RE-LIGHT: Team Members: Donna Baek (principal investigator), Devin Imholte (entrepreneurial lead), and Robert Fox and James Hedrick (industry mentors). RE-LIGHT’s technology safely separates mercury and rare earth elements from fluorescent lamps. INL’s Electroplate technology 9 INL TEAMS PARTICIPATED IN ENERGY I-CORPS COHORTS DURING FALL OF 2016 AND SPRING OF 2017.