15 Mimicking commercial reactor environments INL’s Advanced Test Reactor allows researchers to test how fuels and materials withstand prolonged radiation. Its unique design makes it possible to tailor each experimental environment to match specified real-world conditions. A boron addition system reinstalled in one ATR test loop now provides a more accurate chemistry environment to match commercial pressurized water reactor conditions. The installation was a large effort by a number of groups at INL and represents an expanded research capability for the nuclear research community. Expanding cobalt production The ATR is an important source of the isotope cobalt-60, which is used for sterilization, food preservation, radiography and cancer treatment. In FY 2017, the number of ATR core positions available to make cobalt-60 expanded from 14 to 22, representing a 57 percent increase in production capacity. A shielded cask is now available for shipping cobalt between ATR and customer facilities such as Idaho Falls-based International Isotopes Inc. Demonstrating environmental stewardship INL completed construction of the Remote-Handled Low-Level Waste Disposal Project. The new facility provides replacement disposal capability The new Remote-Handled Low-LevelWaste facility provides long-term stability by placing waste in stainless steel containers loaded into below-ground concrete vaults. that is critical for continuing INL research and Naval Reactors missions at DOE’s Idaho Site. As of fiscal year end, the project was approximately 90 percent complete, with activities shifting from construction to operational readiness. The project demonstrated the ability to successfully complete DOE- NE’s and BEA’s first line-item capital project, which will help shape INL’s future and its capabilities.