22 Technology INL and DHS completed the 100th Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) Red/Blue cybersecurity training course.The hands-on training helps participants discover who and what is on the network, identify vulnerabilities, understand how those vulnerabilities may be exploited, and learn defensive and mitigation strategies. More than 4,000 attendees from national and international government, industry and academia have completed the course to date. Learning from cyberattack experience After helping investigate a June cyberattack against Ukraine’s power grid, INL turned the experience into training for others. Laboratory experts combined firsthand knowledge from the event with cyber forensics results and threat analysis. The resulting training course included an innovative tool to hone the skills within U.S. utilities to respond to a similar event. These novel “Ukraine-Event-in-a-Box” devices fit on a desktop and are designed to challenge course participants to cyber-defend the equipment they routinely encounter within their power generation systems and power distribution substations. Helping U.S. utilities boost cybersecurity A pilot study of INL’s proprietary Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) methodology was completed with the delivery of cybersecurity mitigations and recommendations to the chief executive officer and executive directors of a major U.S. electric utility. As a result of this cooperative research and development (CRADA) project, the utility is implementing changes to internal processes, engineering practices, system architecture designs and cybersecurity culture. Using geo-mapping to protect critical infrastructure INL signed a CRADA with Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), a leading international supplier of geographic information software. The project intends to enhance the use of geo-mapping for critical infrastructure protection by providing better information to the federal, state and local officials who are responsible for restoring operations during a major disruption. The Christian Science Monitor and Energywire published articles explaining how the collaboration will better “… predict how an attack on a U.S. electricity company could rapidly spread to water and sewer systems, telecommunications, finance, health care and other critical sectors that depend on electricity…” INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENT