Technology INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENT Through research innovation, testing and evaluation, INL helps industry apply new energy solutions. The following pages describe cutting-edge developments from the past year, as well as the people behind INL innovation. Developing advanced nuclear modeling software INL has expanded its library of open- source modeling and simulation software. Now both the MASTODON and the RAVEN modeling codes are available on INL’s GitHub website (https://github. com/idaholab/). (Developers are naming these applications for indigenous Idaho animals, but are not trying to devise a meaningful acronym for each new modeling code.) The Risk Analysis and Virtual ENvironment (RAVEN) code is a flexible and multipurpose probabilistic analysis capability allowing users to conveniently perform a variety of analyses, data 16 INL engineers developed the RAVEN code for probabilistic risk analysis. mining and model optimization tasks. RAVEN is a powerful tool for risk analysis, offering capabilities not currently available in other software. The MASTODON code helps scientists and engineers design buildings and other structures to better withstand seismic events. The finite element application calculates the realistic response of soil and structures to earthquakes in three dimensions. MASTODON is based on the INL-developed Multiphysics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE), while RAVEN is compatible with the MOOSE environment. MOOSE is a computer simulation framework that simplifies the process for predicting the behavior of complex systems.