26 Technology Energy I-Corps is a DOE program aimed at strengthening entrepreneurial culture at national labs. It focuses on cultivating small-team collaboration between researchers and private entrepreneurs. INL has been sending people to the program since it started in 2015. During seven weeks of training provided at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, each team visits or calls company representatives in their specific market sectors, engaging directly with potential customers with a goal of 100 customer discovery interviews. At the same time, they also meet with and are scored by panels of industry experts. CellSage: Team members: Kevin Gering (principal investigator), Josh McNally (entrepreneurial lead) and Frank Meijers (industry mentor). CellSage deploys software to support battery performance and life-cycle determinations in diverse applications. Optiblend: Team members: Allison Ray (principal investigator), Hongqiang Hu (entrepreneurial lead) and Ryan Bills (industry mentor). This technology allows researchers to produce high- quality feedstock from grass, wood and agricultural residues. E-RECOV: Team members: Tedd Lister (principal investigator), Luis Diaz Aldana and Leslie Ovard (entrepreneurial leads), and Jon Cook (industry mentor). This electrochemical recovery process retrieves critical and rare earth materials from such devices as cellphones and computers. CDS: Team Members: Troy Unruh (principal investigator), Gregory Lancaster (entrepreneurial lead) and Sontra Yim (industry mentor). The Change Detection System is a computer software program that aligns digital images to detect changes over time for nuclear facility and national security applications. Dry Cask Vital Signs: Team Members: Ahmad Al Rashdan (principal investigator), Carson McNair (entrepreneurial lead) and John Kessler (industry mentor). Noninvasive determination of the status and integrity of vented dry casks is possible with this technology. INL’s CellSage technology INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENT