25 Realizing additional grid capacity INL’s General Line Ampacity State Solver (GLASS) was a finalist for a 2017 R&D 100 Award to recognize the top 100 innovations of the year. GLASS can unlock additional electric power capacity through existing power lines in and around wind farms. The software provides historical, real-time and forecast data to take advantage of environmental conditions such as the concurrent cooling of overhead transmission lines by the same wind that is generating wind power. Such cooling enables utilities to safely increase the amount of current a line can carry by 10 to 40 percent. Commercializing battery diagnostic technology INL has provided the energy storage industry with first-of-a-kind technology for advanced battery health diagnostics. The award- winning impedance measurement technology was exclusively licensed to Dynexus Technology Inc., which will commercialize INL’s embedded wideband impedance technology for analyzing and forecasting the health, Recognizing Expertise Richard “Barney” Carlson and Lee Walker received awards from the U.S. Council for Automotive Research. Walker was on the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium Test Methods Team selected as a USCAR Team Award winner. Carlson received a USCAR Research Partner Award and INL’s 2016 Laboratory Director’s Excellence Award for Mission Advancement. Bishnu P. Bhattarai won a Green Talents 2017 award from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The international competition recognizes young scientists working in sustainability R&D. Winners are selected based on demonstrated scientific skills and contributions to sustainability. Victor Walker received the highest rated presentation and project of approximately 192 presented at the DOE’s Bioenergy Technology Office Peer Review in March 2017. His update about the Bioenergy Feedstock Library was one of 14 INL bioenergy projects peer reviewed in 2017. aging and safety characteristics of advanced energy storage devices. INL won the Federal Laboratory Consortium-Far West Award in the Outstanding Partnership category for its work toward commercialization of this technology with Montana Tech of the University of Montana.