b'Outreach and Talent PIPELINECuriosity is a part of our DNA. We seek to discover, create and advance technologies that improve daily life in Idaho and around the world. We take pride in advancing human knowledge, and were eager to share those advancements. Thats why we work hard to partner with Idaho businesses, inspire the next generation and expand public outreach.4,007 IN FY 2019, INL HOSTED 4,007Community Open House VISITORS ON 374 TOURS. INL celebrated its 70th Anniversary with an Open House on June 22 for employee 14,642 14,642 PEOPLE VISITED THE EBR-Ifamily members and invited community NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARKguests. DURING ITS 2019 SEASON. 1,015EMPLOYEES+2,908GUESTS NORTHERN=3,923 5 STEM OUTREACHEVENTS$6K IN STEM GRANTSATTENDEES 31 INTERNS CENTRAL2 GRADUATE STEM OUTREACHFELLOWS 2 EVENTS3 POSTDOCS $5K IN STEM GRANTSWESTERN EASTERN13 STEM OUTREACH 72 STEM OUTREACHEVENTS EVENTS$73K IN STEM GRANTS $110K IN STEM GRANTS12 INTERNS 61 INTERNS5 GRADUATEFELLOWS1 POSTDOCSOUTHERN SOUTHEASTERN4 STEM OUTREACH 29 STEM OUTREACH 52 INTERNSEVENTS EVENTS$25K IN STEM GRANTS $73K IN STEM GRANTS 2 GRADUATEFELLOWS1 POSTDOC32'