b'Helping the NRC INL realized a breakthrough in the acceptance and use of MOOSE-based modeling tools when the NRC announced its intent to use these tools in the licensing process. MOOSE (the Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment) is a simulation framework developed at INL. It allows researchers to build their own models by plugging in the right physics equations. INLs computer scientists originally designed MOOSE to model how nuclear fuel performs in a reactor, but the open-source software is flexible enough to simulate all kinds of physics problems. NRCs BlueCRAB is a MOOSE-based application that couples INL codes, including MAMMOTH (reactor physics), Rattlesnake (radiation transport), BISONWestinghouse came to INL(fuels performance) and Pronghorn (3D conjugate heat transfer) through MOOSE to NRC codes. This year, MOOSE-based codes also were adopted because of our unique fuelby industry, including Kairos Power and Westinghouse Electric.fabrication capabilities and historic experience with uranium silicide.Steve Martinson, INL project manager9'