b'3D Printing Irradiation ExperimentsMultiple transient experiments used 3D-printed components in 2019, marking the first use of 3D-printed components in an irradiation experiment. For the nuclear industry, 3D printing could overcome supply challenges for parts and enhance innovation by removing the constraints of traditional manufacturing. At TREAT, additive manufacturing sped up component fabrication tenfold for a set of experiments and cut the cost as much as 90%.Aaron Craft was elected president ofSadie Butler was selected for DOEsRichard Farrar received INLs the International Society for NeutronProject Leadership Institute 2019Laboratory Award for Leadership Radiography in recognition of his workcohort. The highly competitivefor his role in the development to develop advanced neutron imagingprogram develops the future generationof capabilities at the Analytical capabilities.of successful DOE project managers. Laboratory, his staff and his program. 19'