b'FROM THE DirectorOur goal is that INL remain at the forefrontThis is an exciting moment as we work of resolving the worlds most pressingwith industry to develop the clean, safe, and energy and security challenges, today andsecure nuclear reactors needed to power into the future. American prosperity for decades to come.INL hosted an Energizing the ModernIn this edition of Impacts, you will learn Age symposium in 2019. Some of ourabout INLs electric vehicle battery nations leading minds gathered at INLexperiments, efforts to recover critical to brainstorm how we can power futurematerials from mining waste, and research prosperity while protecting the environment. on enhancing fuel economy through We opened the Research Collaborationhigh-octane fuels generated by combining Building (RCB) near the Materials andbiofuels with gasoline.Fuels Complex (MFC) in 2019 and twoYou also will read about our world-class new facilities on INLs Idaho Falls campus:national security capabilities, including the Cybercore Integration Center andrelease of a revolutionary cybersecurity tool Collaborative Computing Center. that allows utility owners and operators to This new infrastructure will enhancemore easily identify and share cyberthreat Im excited for you to read this edition ofimportant INL capabilities and universityintelligence information.INLs Research and Development Impacts. collaborations while providing valuableFinally, in 2019, the U.S. Department of In the following pages, you will learn abouttraining space for students and postdoctoralEnergy and state of Idaho agreed to end INLs national and regional leadership,researchers. a years-long impasse over importation of scientific and technical contributions,In August, the U.S. Department of Energyspent nuclear fuel to INL for research vital notable collaborations, growing capabilities,announced that INL will host the Nationalto our nation.expanding areas of expertise, and how theReactor Innovation Center (NRIC). This truly is a win-win deal: for the state Laboratorys commitment to excellenceand its citizens, for the Laboratory, and for positively impacts lives in the United StatesA creation of federal legislation passed byour country.and around the world. a bipartisan supermajority in Congress and signed into law by President Trump, NRICAt INL, we are grateful for your support and None of this happens without a passionate,is a place where private companies willdetermined to serve the American taxpayer talented, and dedicated staff. come to INL and gain access to the technicalby helping create a future that is more INLs biggest assetour peopleis theexpertise and infrastructure necessary toprosperous, secure, and environmentally reason 2019 was such a great year for thedevelop, test, and demonstrate new nuclearsustainable. Laboratory and why this edition has soreactor designs. Please take a few moments to learn more many positive outcomes to detail. This is important to INL and our nation.about the vital work being conducted every Throughout 2019, we celebrated 70 years ofThe worlds first small modular nuclearday at Idahos national laboratory.achievement at INL. But even as we honorreactor is scheduled to begin producingBest Regards, our past, and our predecessors importantelectricity on the INL Site in 2026. We are clean energy and national security work,looking to demonstrate a microreactor at all of us at INL are determined to continueINL within five years. Mark Peters moving forward. Director, Idaho National Laboratoryii'