b'Technology INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENTDeflecting Digital DestructionThe nations critical infrastructure systems deliver essential services such as clean water and medical care. Their disruption or failure can be catastrophic. Digital controls that operate these services are under increasing threat from sophisticated cyber adversaries. INLs Consequence- driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) methodology identifies processes and functions that must not fail, then selectively reduces or eliminates digital pathways that attackers could use to reach and affect them. Proven through pilot tests with high-profile users, CCE represents a paradigm shift away from conventional and reactionary responses. The invention won an R&D 100 Award in 2019.Barring Transformer Damage Until 2013, an electric substation in California was surrounded by nothing more than a chain link fence, just like thousands of others across the United States. That fence proved ineffective when gunmen fired 150 rounds at the substation, causing more than $15 million in damage to 17 transformers. If the utility had access to INLs Substation Armor, this calamity would have been prevented. Substation Armor is a patented ballistic barrier system designed to protect substations containing high-value and irreplaceable transformers and the transmission equipment critical to our nations energy resiliency and security.26'