b'Technology INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENTGrowing High-Octane Fuels Trees can be refined to produce a carbon-rich wood alcohol that is excellent for use in high-octane fuel blends. Such blends can enhance fuel economy for engines optimized for higher octane or for turbocharged gasoline engines. INL researchers have developed a computer model that simulates how market dynamics and policy decisions affect growth of the biofuel sector for such aromatic rich hydrocarbons. Woody Biomass Companion Markets Model (WOODCOM) can help policymakers, industrialists and tree farmers with the data-driven decision-making they need to foster sustainable growth in the biofuel industry. Understanding Fast Charging Effects INL collaborated with Argonne National Laboratory to understand key failure mechanisms for batteries that undergo extreme fast charging. The team discovered severe fading of positive electrode performance occurred during fast charging. INL researchers learned that cracking within the cathode active particles was a key mechanism for the fade. The finding was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 20'