b'FROM THE DirectorIn INL Research and DevelopmentNone of this happens withoutThe laboratory expanded its National Impacts, we highlightgreat people. All the achievements& Homeland Security test bed accomplishments from the previousdocumented in this edition ofcapabilities and continued to work fiscal year. This annual publicationINL Research and Developmentwith our partners in higher education demonstrates how INL science andImpacts are a testament to the talent,to train and develop the future cyber technology improve lives and helppassion, and dedication of INLsworkforce we will need to keep our change the worlds energy futureapproximately 5,200 employees.most critical infrastructure safe,by developing systems capable ofUnder difficult circumstances, oursecure, and resilient.safely and securely powering ourstaff produced great results. I am nations economy while protecting thegrateful for their efforts and theINL continued to provide technical environment. opportunity to lead a laboratorysupport to the Utah Associated engaged in so much important workMunicipal Power Systems (UAMPS) All of us at INL take pride in theon behalf of our fellow citizens. as it works to build and operate a small laboratorys positive impact on ourmodular nuclear reactor on the INL Site.communities, state, and nation. ThisIn fiscal year 2020, the National years edition of INL Research andReactor Innovation Center (NRIC)We saw our important work with NASA come to fruition Development Impacts is, however,was established at INL. Launched even more special. I say that because,from legislation passed withwhen the Mars Perseverance Rover launched into space like so many organizations in 2020,overwhelming bipartisan support in INL dealt with a sudden and dramaticCongress, NRIC envisions a futureon July 30, 2020.change in how we conduct business. Ipowered by clean, nuclear energy.am proud to say that, while ensuringWorking with our industry partners, the safety and well-being of our staffINL scientists and engineers willWe were proud to join GenderThere is so much more I could say, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,help develop and demonstrate theChampions in Nuclear Energy, abut I will end with this: All of us at INL continued to capably address ouradvanced reactors our nation needs toleadership network committed toINL are grateful for your support nations biggest energy and securitypower prosperity and combat climatebreaking down barriers and makingand determined to succeed on your challenges. change. gender equality a working reality inbehalf. Thank you, and please enjoy our organizations. this edition of INL Research and In the following pages, you will learnIn 2020, we laid the groundwork thatDevelopment Impacts.not just about INLs groundbreakingled to the announcement that INL science and innovation, but also ourwill be home to the nations VersatileSincerely, national and regional leadership,Test Reactor, providing industry with notable collaborations, expandingessential testing capabilities currently capabilities, and how the laboratorysunavailable in America.commitment to excellence positivelyJohn Wagner impacts lives. Director, Idaho National Laboratory2 3'