b'INLs Idaho R&D ImpactsWHILE INL IS a national laboratory, it is also Idahos national laboratory. An importantto operate with few carbon emissions while paying for most, element of INLs mission is ensuring support of the local community and state at largeif not all, of the operating and utility costs. There might even3 R&D 100 AWARDS through advocating and providing STEM resources for all students while also equippingbe enough hot water to provide excess geothermal capacity to local communities with expertise needed to help their communities thrive.homes in the area and businesses downtown.University lab at Cybercore Integration Center CAES lab used in first-of-a-kind study creates workforce opportunities for Idaho students The Microscopy and Characterization Suite at the Center of14 PATENTS GRANTED A major step toward continuing INLs goal of training and educating future cybersecurityAdvanced Energy Studies (CAES) was leveraged for a first-of-workers occurred in 2020. In alignment with the state of Idahos memorandum ofa-kind study diving into the cellular structure of corn with the understanding between INL and the Idaho universities, the laboratory completedhopes of improving the process of turning the plant into biofuel. construction and installed equipment for a dedicated university research laboratory. The state-of-the-art laboratory is located inside the Cybercore Integration Center. It features aCAES is a research, education and innovation consortium117 ORGANIZATIONS large equipment bay, multiple network connections including access to the states Idahowhere INL joins forces with Idahos universities, Boise StateLICENSED INL Regional Optical Network, an independent power source and a high-end cooling system.University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho,SOFTWARE to solve the worlds critical energy challenges. Through In coordination with Boise State University, INL acquired and installed three cabinetsthis partnership, in addition to collaboration with NationalLABORATORY-of Honeywell control systems equipment used in the oil and natural gas industry,Renewable Energy Laboratory and Los Alamos National received and started installation of cybersecurity forensics equipment from Idaho StateLaboratory, CAES high powered instrumentation was used to126 DIRECTED RESEARCH University, and began the contracting process to acquire and install network switchingsee the dynamic changes happening within the corns cell wallsAND DEVELOPMENT equipment as well as software-defined networking and other advanced industrialas the corns quality degrades. This fundamental understandingPROJECTSnetwork simulation equipment from the University of Idaho.will help develop even more sustainable version of biofuel.RESEARCH This dedicated university laboratory creates an optimal training environment for306 AGREEMENTS, students interested in pursuing industrial cybersecurity. It provides hands-on accessINCLUDING CRADAS, to real operational equipment and mentorship alongside some of the nations bestSPPS, GOVERNMENT cybersecurity researchers. In addition, it creates an added capability for the statesUSE AGREEMENTS universities as they compete for federal research grants.Teton Valley one step closer to geothermal pool thanksto INL expertise As Teton Valley, Idaho, pursues a community aquatic center, Idaho National Laboratory has lent its expertise in geothermal energy to find out whether access to hot water beneath the valley floor might have the potential to make such a center self-sustaining. Through the labs Technical Assistance Program (TAP), under which INL subject matter experts can be assigned to a company or project for 40 hours, Geothermal Program Manager Rob Podgorney used data from a decades-old abandoned exploration well to perform a geothermal assessment. If water from a test well to be drilled in 2021 confirms the studys results, the community could have access to a resource that would allow the aquatics center 14 15'