11/22/2016 10:54 AMtabrie.landon@inl.gov Energy1NE OverviewSafety Tritium Applied Research Facility
Research Collaboration Building.pdf
8/6/2019 9:57 AMleslie.wright@inl.gov Energy1NE OverviewResearch Collaboration Building
Nuclear Programs overview.pdf
2/23/2022 9:10 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov Energy1NE OverviewNuclear Programs Overview
3 types of nuclear reactors.pdf
7/26/2022 1:55 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov Energy1NE Overview3 types of nuclear reactors
5/25/2021 7:47 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelINL’s 52 Reactors
3/3/2016 10:11 AMtabrie.landon@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelTest Train Assembly Facility
Analytical Research Laboratories.pdf
4/13/2021 12:25 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelAnalytical Research Laboratories
Experimental Fuels Facility.pdf
4/13/2021 12:27 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelExperimental Fuels Facility
Fuels and Applied Science Building.pdf
4/13/2021 12:31 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelFuels and Applied Science Building
Fuel Manufacturing Facility.pdf
4/13/2021 12:32 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelFuel Manufacturing Facility
Hot Fuel Examination Facility.pdf
4/13/2021 12:33 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelHot Fuel Examination Facility
Irradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory.pdf
4/13/2021 12:34 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelIrradiated Materials Characterization Laboratory
Zero Power Physics Reactor Facility.pdf
4/13/2021 12:37 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelZero Power Physics Reactor Facility
Advanced Test Reactor -- Safety.pdf
9/13/2021 11:00 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelAdvanced Test Reactor -- Safety
Advanced Test Reactor -- Core Overhaul.pdf
9/13/2021 11:01 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelAdvanced Test Reactor -- Core Overhaul
Advanced Fuels Facility.pdf
9/13/2021 11:01 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelAdvanced Fuels Facility
Advanced Test Reactor.pdf
9/13/2021 11:01 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelAdvanced Test Reactor
Transient Reactor Test Facility_2022.pdf
4/14/2022 1:50 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelTransient Reactor Test Facility
Sample Preparation Laboratory_2022.pdf
4/14/2022 2:01 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelSample Preparation Laboratory
Laser Shock System_1.pdf
7/25/2022 8:44 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyAdvanced Nuclear FuelLaser Shock System
MAGNET factsheet.pdf
3/25/2021 8:50 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyDOE Microreactor ProgramMicroreactor AGile Non-nuclear Experimental Testbed (MAGNET)
The U.S. DOE Microreactor Program.pdf
4/13/2021 12:51 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyDOE Microreactor ProgramThe U.S. DOE Microreactor Program
3/29/2022 3:14 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyDOE Microreactor ProgramMicroreactor Applications Research Validation and Evaluation Project (MARVEL)
Fuel Conditioning Facility_2022.pdf
4/14/2022 1:46 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyFuel Cycle TechnologiesFuel Conditioning Facility
Materials Security and Consolidation Complex_2022.pdf
4/14/2022 2:01 PMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyFuel Cycle TechnologiesMaterials Security and Consolidation Complex
4/14/2016 9:58 AMtabrie.landon@inl.gov EnergyNuclear Reactor SystemsGeneration IV Nuclear Technology
Measurement Science Laboratories.pdf
7/19/2021 8:46 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyNuclear Reactor SystemsMeasurement Science Laboratories
Microreactor AGile Non-Nuclear Experimental Test Bed.pdf
4/25/2022 8:38 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyNuclear Reactor SystemsMicroreactor AGile Non-Nuclear Experimental Test Bed (MAGNET)
Single Primary Heat Extraction and Removal Emulator (SPHERE).pdf
5/17/2022 7:32 AMsteven.petersen@inl.gov EnergyNuclear Reactor SystemsSingle Primary Heat Extraction and Removal Emulator (SPHERE)
11/22/2016 10:57 AMtabrie.landon@inl.gov EnergySafety and Risk AssessmentHuman System Simulation Laboratory
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